Bougie Pooch USDA Organic Hemp Oil Natural Flavor 250mg

Bougie Pooch USDA Organic Hemp Oil Natural Flavor 250mg

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Bougie Pooch  USDA Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs is a natural health supplement that infuses concentrated anti-inflammatory plant properties, which have shown to help achieve more mobility, agility, and energy. We extract our Organic Hemp plants sourced only from USA Farms are of the highest quality. Our natural hemp oil for dogs helps provide a natural calming effect, travel issues, constant barking, aggressive behavior, and joint/bone health.

:heavy_check_mark: Premium Health Support
:heavy_check_mark: Formulated For Your Pet
:heavy_check_mark: Reduces Pain & Inflammation
:heavy_check_mark: Reduces Stress & Anxiety
:heavy_check_mark: Made In The USA

SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR DOG: Your pet’s body works differently than your own. That’s why this product has been specifically veterinarian formulated and manufactured with your canine's wellbeing in mind. We care about pet health and have created this potent potion as an expression of our devotion to enhancing the welfare of pets all over the world. 

Dimensions: 1oz Tincture Bottle