Brutus Bulldog Self Defense Keychain

Brutus Bulldog Self Defense Keychain

SKU: brutus-bulldog-self-defense-ke163081122

Brutus Bulldog Self Defense Keychains are made of very strong ABS plastic that is unbreakable. Believe it or not this plastic is as strong as metal.

How it works:

- You can attach it to your keys.

- You put your fingers through the eye holes and the tips of the ears can be used to defend your self against an attacker.

- Even if you miss with a punch this key chain will lengthen your reach.

- Even if your punch or wipe is a bit off target you can still catch him and inflict pain from any direction.

This is a force multiplier that is better and lighter than knuckles, and also extends your reach.

The eye holes are about a 13 ring size. Most people will wear in front of the 2nd knuckle so these will fit almost everyone. 3.5" x 2.5".

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