Ladies Thermal Novelty Christmas Slipper Socks

Ladies Thermal Novelty Christmas Slipper Socks

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Heat Holders Slipper Socks  

Heat Holders are the ultimate sock for your winter wardrobe, so why not celebrate Christmas in style, while keeping your feet toasty warm and comfortable? You can do this with the new Christmas Slipper Socks from Heat Holders.

These socks have the normal extra warm feeling of Heat Holders original thermal socks, but they also feature special anti slip grips on their soles, which will prevent slipping on wooden or laminate flooring - to keep you secure around your home.

With a massive tog rating of 2.6 they are the warmest thermal sock for you - 7X warmer than the ordinary cotton sock (0.33 tog)! These seriously chunky and warm slipper socks are made with a specifically developed extra heavy bulk yarn with extreme thermal qualities and moisture wicking abilities.

Their long looped thermal pile created with innovative knitting technology produces the unique extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air - increasing the thermal tog rating even more. They also have a super-soft brushed inner which maximises the amount of warm air held to the skin for all-day warmth and comfort.

Extra Product Details

- Christmas themed
- Non slip grip
- Advanced insulating yarn
- Long looped thermal pile
- Soft brushed inner
- Massive tog rating of 2.6
- Super thick and soft
- Slipper sock for indoors