THMO - Mens Vintage Thermal Wool Blend Socks

THMO - Mens Vintage Thermal Wool Blend Socks

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Mens THMO Patterned Wool Thermal Socks 

Put your feet on fire when it comes to warmth and your sock game. These THMO socks with wool will not only hold the heat in but it will show the heat off with some daring funky designs that'll make a great treat for your feet or even a great gift.

These THMO thermal socks are made with a mixture of acrylic and wool, two fibres that specialize in insulation and keeping your feet super warm and cosy. The acrylic element is brushed on the inside, creating long loops to hold warm air closer to the skin and inside the sock. The 25% wool content is also a fantastic insulator but adds the extra quality of making the sock more breathable by wicking moisture away from the foot. Wool does this due its natural properties.

The socks themselves have a smooth toe seam on the foot for added comfort to eradicate and irritable toe seam. The top of the socks is also tight enough so that the warm air that the acrylic / wool creates is trapped and won't escape. But, not too tight to constrict circulation.

The designs bring more creativity to the original plain thermal socks. The patterns will jazz up your feet, show them off with your boots, at home or even wear them for occasions such as apres-ski. They could even be passed off as wool christmas socks due to their fairisle festive designs. You have the choice to wear a fire red style or a dark navy fairisle pattern. The THMO badge is stitched close to the top of the sock, providing the finishing touch to a small collection of socks that will give you so much pleasure.

These wool thermal socks are available in two designs in navy and red. The material composition of these socks is 65% Acrylic 25% Wool 8% Polyamide 2% Elastane and the socks are a size 6-11 UK 7-12 US 39-45 EU. They are safely machine washable.